Lots of Adventures

Well, it’s pretty hot here in Tucson right now, with the days getting up to around 105-109F. Blecchhh! I take a lot of naps in cooler places during the afternoons, but also keep busy with all the volunteers whenever I can and remind them of the importance of throwing a ball for me to catch! Benny always lets me jump into his water trough if I need to cool off, so that helps a LOT.

Cinco, Kawliga and Opie went to new homes! I hear they are doing great and having fun making new pals. Oh, and Ashley went to an awesome foster home, where she is getting a lot of love. It’s really hard saying goodbye to old friends, even if Kawliga didn’t always appreciate how I would try chasing him in the arena, lol. But the most important thing is that they are having new adventures with some really wonderful humans who will take such good care of them, just like Judy and everyone at H.E.A.R.T. would want.

Besides supervising all the volunteers and making sure the horses don’t slouch when visitors come to visit (I’m a heeler, I know my jobs! lol), I’ve also become best buds with Mark and keep him company when he works with all the horses. He was away for awhile driving trucks all over the country so Judy could have medical insurance, but now he’s working in Tucson again and taking care of things at H.E.A.R.T. with the Board and volunteers. He’s been a farrier for over thirty years, specializes in a lot of corrective shoeing stuff, and has been around horses pretty much his entire life, so he knows a thing or two about taking care of my friends! He was already doing a lot for the horses since H.E.A.R.T. started (and even before!), like working on their feet, helping with medical care and actual rescues, but because he knew how pretty and full of life my mom was, he was fine staying in the background while she would shine so brightly!

Here I am with Mark tonight at the ranch, winding down after another hot day!

Being Dudes Together

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2 Responses to Lots of Adventures

  1. Diana Stuart says:

    Geeves and Mark: What a sweet picture of you both. I wish I could transport down there right now to sit on the porch and talk after a long day of work. I’ll do that soon, I promise. I’ll bring treats, too!

    Love and hugs from Phoenix

  2. Geevers says:

    Looking forward to it, Diana! :)

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