It Was Hard to Say Goodbye

I’m back, everybody! It’s been a long time since I got my paws back on the computer, but life has been pretty crazy lately. I was really busy taking care of Judy while she was sick, and while I know she wanted me to have fun outside with the volunteers and just be a silly puppy as much as I could, I just didn’t want to leave her side for very long. I did my very best to watch over her and keep her smiling at my antics, even when she wasn’t feeling well, like rolling somersaults on the bed next to her and tunneling under the blankets to make her laugh. I’d snuggle up to keep her warm and be the best watchdog I could so she could rest. It was my most important job ever, taking care of my mom, and everyone says I was such a good boy for protecting her and the ranch while Mark was on the road driving big scary trucks so Judy could have insurance for the doctors.

I try not to be too sad now, even though I really miss her. She’s watching over us, I just know she is, and I’m still at work keeping everyone organized – horses, goats, cats, dogs, chickens, and my daily teams of human volunteers! Lots of stuff to do for a youngster like me, but I’m a tough little pup and insist on being out there to make sure everything runs smoothly at H.E.A.R.T! Sometimes I go over to my friend Becky’s house to play with her dogs, and we have a blast..but right now I would rather be at the ranch taking care of my Dad and being the Top Dog!
Well, I’ve grown up a lot through all of these changes, and I’m only a little over two years old! Even though I was able to be with my Judy and say goodbye, which was really hard, I guess it isn’t really goodbye since all the good things she left behind are still a part of us. I’m learning about things called journeys, and legacies, and Gabe told me I’m wise beyond my little dog years because of all those journeys I’ve been a part of already. It’s okay to have those sad days, because there are so many good ones worthy of a great tail-wagging and jollyball-chasing.
Which reminds me..I think I’d better get outside and make sure my volunteers are all assembled! More from me, later!

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27 Responses to It Was Hard to Say Goodbye

  1. Greg Ambrose says:

    So nice to see you back, Geeves.

  2. Marty says:

    When I think I’ve shed my last tear, I’m always wrong. Good job Geevers!

  3. Marty says:

    Keep us laughing Geevers, I think we all need that during this difficult time at HEART.

  4. Sharyn says:

    Good to see you back blogging. Thanks for being there for your/our awesome Judy through her battle, you helped a lot!

  5. Sally Lawrence says:

    Love you Geevers.

  6. BarbB says:

    Geevers, I’m so sorry you had to grow up so fast. Its OK to miss your mom, we miss her too. She would be so very proud of all your work, keeping HEART running smoothly and I know she would want you to take some time playing with your doggie friends.

    • Geevers says:

      Thank you, Barb. She always did worry about me staying on her bed with her so much, because she always wanted me to have time to be a working dog or a crazy puppy outside. And I did do those things, too, but I didn’t like leaving her either.

  7. Jenny Monahan says:

    Geevers, you really are the most amazing little man. You were always such a comfort to Judy, such a blessing for her and all of us.

  8. jackie carroll says:

    Welcome back, Geevers. Thank you for being there for your Mum. Now, even though you miss her, go and be a puppy and play. Of course this is after you have made sure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be. Love you

    • Geevers says:

      Jackie, I definitely take my job supervising all the volunteers very seriously! LOL but then I get to have a blast, playing with my ball and chasing my tail. One of these days I’m gonna catch it.

  9. Marian Horton says:

    It’s hard to even think of Heart without thinking of Judy, DynaKing, Geevers and Itty Bitty and then the tears flow. Our love and prayers go to Judy’s husband and daughter.
    Our wish for them all is comfort, acceptance, peace and ultimately joy. There WILL be joy, in time.

  10. Mike Relva says:

    Hey Geevers-
    Remember when I visited in the winter, I threw the ball for you to chase? Can’t wait to do that again soon.

  11. Marilyn Shively says:

    Hi Geevers- I know you are sad but for one so young, you are such a grown up boy– your mom loved you so much — Your mom is looking down on you and so proud.

    • Geevers says:

      Thanks, Marilyn! I loved her just as much, and keep doing all my dog jobs every day to make sure she stays proud of me. She taught me how to do a lot of things with the horses and volunteers, so she’ll always be a part of me, too!

  12. Diana Stuart says:

    Ah Geevers. Even though I’m the “cat lady” your post made me smile. Judy’s spirit lives in all of us – especially “people” like you – and H.E.A.R.T.’s work continues. That continuation is something that is so important to all of Judy’s fans, and I’m definately one of those. But it is also so very important to the horses still in need. I’ll be bringing treats for you the next time I come to Tucson to help out. In the mean time, take care of Dad and keep the other volunteers in shape, okay?

    • Geevers says:

      You bet, Diana! I take my jobs seriously and am always on top of things with my volunteers. They work hard taking care of the things I can’t do for my horse friends, but of course I supervise whenever I can. And that’s okay that you’re the “cat lady”, because I have cat friends at H.E.A.R.T. too and they’re pretty okay, too! I really like pig ears, so if you’re not sure what treat to bring when you visit, put those on your list, lol. ;-)

  13. Cindy Bz says:

    Always thinking about her…hard not to…still miss her so much! So glad we are able to help out at the ranch and keep her legacy going! Miss her laughter, miss everything about her. So glad she left you to us so we can be comforted Geevers! you are so awesome and we love you dearly:)

  14. Rene Kittles says:

    Just posted on Gabriel’s sling page, and just read this post. I guess Judy narrated the videos and if so, I feel as if I know her. Crying so hard can’t type. So much love goes your way.

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