I know my enemy

I know now what the cancer is and its name is Adenocarcinoma. I have a chance to fight this one if I can get the treatment. I am not going to quit!!!! I have so many horses that are counting on me, and so many people that can benefit from the programs that I want to have in place here. My back was so sore today I could barley walk, but I think it is because I have been taking it easy and my body is not used to sitting still, lol. I am on the run all the time and I keep my joints and muscles moving. Julie came in last night and we headed straight off to the doctor, and then the Attorney to make sure I have everything in line.  I can feel this thing in my chest, it feels like a foreign substance and it is taking over my breathing space. It won’t let me breath deep, and it actually hurts my chest and back. Since it is wrapped around my aorta it seems to not let me get all the oxygen I need to be able to move fast like before. It is a strange feeling that I didn’t have a month ago. My husband lost his first wife to this cancer so I feel bad that he has to go through this again. I feel really bad that Dyna King is hurting right now too. We will get through this.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Judy, You are strong in heart and mind! I know you can beat this cancer. This is just an obstacle to make you stronger in life! This whole experience will put greater drive, stronger will and more determination than you have ever had in your life. This is a personal fight that will profoundly change your life in so many wonderful ways and inspire others to do the same. You know the power of prayer and the miracles that come from staying positive in your heart. God bless you! You are my Hero. Look out world…Here comes my friend Judy Glore and she is going to Kick Butt!!

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