I can’t stay away from the barn, lol

Today was a great day. I Did some feeding this morning and hung out at the barn for awhile this morning. It is so neat to see how the horses all lift their heads to me when I walk by. Kawliga was getting a bath today and wouldn’t get onto the black rubber pad for one of the volunteers today. He turned and saw me coming and he just stepped right up there. He looked back at me, and Madalena said he sure knows when mamas around. LOL made me feel good to see him behave as soon as he saw me. Jewel had just finished up her ride with Tessa and she saw me and headed straight to me to give me a kiss. It is pretty amazing to see the way all the horses show how much they respect and love me. I am really truly blessed. I did get more tired today than before so I came back up to the house with Geevers. I got a phone call I was hoping for. It is a great lung cancer doctor that Susan Via was able to let know about me. Susan told her my situation and her office called today to set an appointment for me Oct. 8th. She will go over all of my reports and tell me what she thinks. Please keep sending your prayers. I still haven’t turned orange yet from all the carrot juice but I am drinking it and mixing up all the greens with it too. If Julie turns orange before I do she is going to kill me, lol. She will think I tricked her again just to get another laugh, LOL.  I am hitting the sack early tonight with Geevers, he needs his beauty rest. Night everyone, lots of hugs headed your way from me and all the boys and girls here at HEART.

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3 Responses to I can’t stay away from the barn, lol

  1. Bill E says:

    Hi Judy, So good to hear you had a great day (10/1) and I am sure there will be many many more of them in the future. It was funny to hear how the horses behaved when they saw you, they know who the boss is. It is also wonderful to see that you have a great network of people down there working to get you through this setback.

  2. diane says:

    The horses love Judy & the volunteers, they know they probably wouldn’t be alive if not for HEART! They’re grateful, wonderful animals. Thank you for what you do Judy!

  3. Karen Rhodes says:

    Judy, you are showing us how to LIVE, every second until it’s over, and none of us know exactly how or when that might be. I don’t have health insurance, can’t afford it, so with some of my savings I sent you twenty bucks. Laughing is great medicine. Keep after those insurance nerds, find a patient advocate, call your Congressman, don’t let them say “no”. You are in my heart and in my prayers and please kiss those horses for me.

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