My friend and his new sling

Thank you Greg, Judy listened to everyone and now he has the coolest sling ever. It even blends into the color he is, wow. They did a great job on it and Gabriel says to thank everyone who helped talk Judy into this one. wooooohoooo!!!!!!!!

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4 Responses to My friend and his new sling

  1. Debi Hamari says:

    Great improvement! Gabe does seem happier and less self concious with his new “macho jock strap.”

  2. Yay! Gabe is lookin’ great!

  3. Jeri says:

    It looks soooo much better and he does seem happier. :D

  4. Rene Kittles says:

    Looked all over for a sling for a horse with paraphimosis. Fashioned mine with a knit scarf (bandaged penis first). Dollars’ penis is not swollen anymore, but he is not retracting it. His penis was worse than photos of Gabe’s. Fed lots of parsley and cranberry juice for diuretic and kidney/bladder health. Worked great, and no chemicals. $ is about 42 yrs. No prosthetic on the market. Pls post your info everywhere! But first patent it and make $ for the rescue. Urgently needed by caretakers and vets. Heads up, avg found at least 10 of your pages that were infected and I couldn’t get on until they cleaned it up, or so they say. Will try to reach you by phone today for more instruction on making and fitting sling. $ is pastured and very bad weather. No stall available. If avg isn’t lying, maybe that is why it has taken me so long to find you. How is Gabe? Pls tell more, tell all. $ is my adversary’s horse, I just take care of him (free). Hate the owners, and they hate me. Tks for sharing this vital knowledge…but PATENT IT IMMEDIATELY AND MAKE $ FOR THE RESCUE. Absolutely nothing on market. One complicated sling is submitted for patent. but yours is terrific and simple. I don’t use my email. Can call 505-250-9808 Rene

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